“Cordoba” – قرطبة

Córdoba is a city in the southern Spanish province of Andalusia. It was an important Roman city and an Islamic cultural center in the Middle Ages. It’s best known for La Mezquita, an immense mosque dating to 600 C.E. featuring a columned prayer hall and Byzantine mosaics. A 1600s Catholic cathedral now occupies the center of the mosque. “wikipedia”

Cordoba - قرطبة

“Pamplona” a new painting

Pamplona is the capital of northern Spain’s Navarre province. It’s best known for the Running of the Bulls (Fiesta de San Fermín). During this legendary multi-day festival in July, bulls are led through the city streets by daredevil runners. Pamplona is also a major stop along the Camino de Santiago, a medieval-era pilgrimage route, and home to Gothic-style churches including fortresslike San Nicolás. “Source wikipedia”




Pamplona at wall