I can always be reached at:


mobile: +971 50 462 7 545
P.O. Box 9834
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

46 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. AslaamAlykum,

    I hope you are well brother.
    You have some amazing work Mahshallah.

    I wasnted to ask you if some of your work is avaiable in larger sizes I would love to use some of your work to hang on a canvas in my house.

    JazakAllah Khair


  2. great work of art, loved it totally, where can we see your work (the posters)is it available in jordan? regards

  3. It is with enormous pleasure to see artists like you, I have taken the time to see and appreciate all your work published on the blog one morning before starting to work, and it inspired me as much. ..

    Thank you for the inspiration and good luck ..


    1. Salam Nawal,

      Sorry for the delay, I was very busy. Yes you can buy my artwork. Just select which one you want and I’ll guide you how to get it shipped to your door step.



  4. Dear artist, I LOVE your art and style.
    I am lady artist also interested in digital art etc.
    I own Wacom tablet and Corel painter no 9.

    Have not used it in years baecuse I am NOT good at this.
    But after looking at your art I am now inspired to try it again..

    I am 63 years yioung..
    I am also on Stars Portraits/..

    Cheers from,
    Lillyana xxxx

  5. Salam Mr. Shahin, This is wonderful art work. Your work very beautiful. How and where can purchase some of your work? what size is your work?

  6. Is it possible I use one of your works for the posters I am making for my university about Arabic language?

  7. Hello Khalid,
    my husband fell in love with ur work and bought me constant progression, it s beautiful, i would love to know the writing on the canvas as i believe it s and extract from the great Mahmoud Darwish;the coulours are magic !

    1. Thanks for the compliment Samar. Yes indeed, it’s an extract from “يطير الحمام” from the great Darwish. Again, thank you so much for your interest and wish to see you again at my blog.

  8. Salaam Mr. Shahin
    You have beautiful art. Mashallah
    Im interested in purchasing. Do you have an online shop?

    Do you offer online prints of your art to be printed by customers? 🙂

      1. Thank you for your response. Can I ask then what is the average prices you ask for your works? do you know the shipping costs too?

  9. salaams, I stumbled across your blog, mashAllah your work is amazing and inspiring, i was wondering if you have any tips for begginers as i am a college student taking calligraphy as an interest. what techniques are best to use? Jazakallah Khair.

  10. Hi! I am from Mexico and while visiting Dubai saw your paintings on a gallery. Could you tell me what inspired you to create your work Peasceful Slumber? Thanks, Alicia Spinner

  11. hi
    I saw on of your arts but i don’t know that what is written on that .
    could you help me for that .
    نحن نقرا من قرى جبل is true?
    could you send me true one?

  12. Dear Khalid Shahin
    I’m a trained typographer and freelance artist in Switzerland. I came across your artworks on Pinterest. I find your Art Work great and I am also excited about your marketing, the website and the various products (such as pillows, T-shirts) … Respect and compliments!
    Best Regards,
    Robert Süess

  13. Dear Khalid,
    can we use some of your art work in our interior work (art work on wall)m your name will be mentioned in our rendered image?

  14. Hi there,
    I live in London and I’m interested in Emotions of Intimacy. I was wondering if I can buy a soft copy so I print it locally. Is that something you could help with please?

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