Khalid Shahin is a full time artist, sculptor and product designer. Through time he tried to combine and integrate Text-Art, typography and Arabic calligraphy with his abstract paintings as well as his unique sculptures.

With more than 30 years in the field of media and advertising and mainly in corporate identity branding and packaging . Mr Shahin creates spaces with fluid and unstable boundaries employing his unique vision to the beauty of the Arabic Calligraphy as an outstanding inspiration material and tool, in its infinitely subtle, curves and intricate patterns.  He believes that Forms in nature become a language in the geometry of consciousness at every scale and it is from this diversity of phenomenal lifeforms that Art emerges. And because he is self taught, though his ongoing education consists of a lifelong dedication to the intricate study of new techniques and methods.

His artistic focus is to elegantly fuse the richness of traditional Arabic letters, shapes and curves with the innovative spirit of a modern renaissance.  He lives his art path in service to painting forth new visions which invite a wide audience to bask in the inspirational light of creativity.

Shahin’s paintings are inventive in their forms as he has taken his art far beyond the limitations of the status quo, into an altogether unprecedented realm.  By devising special techniques which allow his artwork to be constructed in nearly any shape, the form of the canvas itself becomes suited to adequately fulfill the depth of his visions.  In joyous exploration of creative freedom, elegant forms, curves and impossible angles emerge in his two and  three dimensional work.  This versatility spans genre and medium alike, allowing the artist full access to the brilliant splendor of unlimited creation.

Between 1992 and 2012, Mr Shahin took part in more than 17 worldwide exhibitions and came to the attention of the art world at a young age. Mr Shahin works are included in several private and public collections in almost every country around the globe.

Some of my prints (artworks) are available here (use the links below). 

society-6 - My store

37 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Salam Mr. Shahin, This is wonderful art work. Your work very beautiful. How and where can purchase some of your work? what size is your work?

  2. A quick note.. Warhol also started in the fields of media and advertising. Mr. Shashin’s work is not Pop. He has taken his experience and transformed it into the Spiritual. thank you

  3. beautiful work! Is this for sale and if so how can I purchase it? If I have a big space will u be able to customize it?

  4. Dear Khalid,

    Love your work. Can you please contact me via email to discuss a potential corporate commission?

    Many thanks,


  5. Dear Mr Khalid,

    Your artwork is greatly inspiring and truly amazing. I was wondering if you had any on sale specifacly your large blue calligraphy one from 2014. I would love to purchase some of your work.

    I hope to hear from you,

    Many thanks ,

    Nabaa Bakir.

  6. Hi this is Jumaima, and i’m working on artist pieces right now in British School Muscat and I came across your Arabic Calligraphy and it is exceptionally beautiful. I’d like to introduce this type of art and skill into my artwork, any tips?

  7. Bonjour Monsieur Shahin,
    Je suis Kamal Andalous de Casablanca.
    Aimerais avoir vos coordonnées pour proposition de participation à symposium sur la calligraphie du 14 au 21 mai 2017.

  8. Hello Mr. Shahin,

    I was curious to know if Kandinsky was an influence on any of your artwork.


  9. Dear Mr Shahin,

    Your work is truly beautiful and unique.

    Do you have any exhibitions planned in the UK in the near future?

    Many thanks

  10. Assalamualaikum dear Khalid,

    What can I say, I am simply in awe of your beautiful work. I was born and live in London and have filled my home with your work which i fell in love with and purchased from A1 gallery in Dubai.

    Seeing your work fills me with such joy and serenity, always a talking point when i have guests at home.

    With kindest regards


  11. Dear Khalid Shahin,
    I’m a trained typographer and freelance artist in Switzerland. I came across your artworks on Pinterest … the works and also your marketing with the various items (pillows, T-shirts, etc.) is just great, compliment!
    Best Regards,

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