Digital Artwork

Some of my Digital Artwork. All done in Corel Painter 11 using standard Wacom Tablet. Please refer to the original source when you want to use them anywhere.

0a7968f14fc1f7c135ab589b3d5217fa 1a05f2ce4b1aa937b0e54a85f85a8f3b 4bc7d7c33d0a172a24f980328ffc16ac 07e4afa135368eaadb6e1e88055bc07e 9f0a73cb5c87a5c1441ea50da9353140 53f711d3d03a698e9b25d343de7b7cac 65eae9671558c7cdf8436fd26b67cc96 79f355a3ac77c78bc4a064bff0e18742 395b7e90423b7b21a3c272bd88587811 4182ba951330bb156a051a84471a9aad 164524454a4f3a85daf5254c2d18155e b602c82aff67fb8f35206c93e6469466


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